Team Alliance




Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Wheeler Marsee, and I am running for the Vice Griever position in our local. Your vote would be appreciated.

 I have lived in Melvindale 41 of my 47 year. My wife, Martha, was my childhood sweetheart and after 21 years of marriage, she is still the light of my life. We have two children a boy (19) and a daughter (15). My wife and children are very supportive in my endeavors. I have always been active in some capacity with my union and community.

I offer the following for your consideration.   

As you make up your mind to vote, please consider the following points.  I

  •   Am a 16-year member of United Steel Workers, Local 1299.
  • Have provided vacations fill, for grievance man at the 80” mill multiple times.
  • Am a nine year member of the Teamsters, Local 299, Serving as Grievance man for 24- 30 employees representing them directly to management as assigned.(1987-96)
  • Have main table negotiated Teamster contracts while working for Feralloy North American Steel (1987-1996)
  • Presently serve on the Melvindale City Council after being elected in November 2011 
  • Provided council oversight to city contract negotiations.
  • Served on the Melvindale Public Safety Commission since 2008, which fully governed and provided HR to the Melvindale Police and Melvindale Fire Dept.
  • Served as Chairman of the Melvindale Public Safety Commission. (2010- November 2011) I resigned to serve as Councilman as provided by the Melvindale City Charter.


Just as I have been active in my city and previous unions. I likewise have been active in our Union.  My role will be to serve you.  I will work to see that our Contract is strictly interpreted and strictly applied.  Along with our team, I will help provide effective and continuous oversight of our labor environment.  I will do my best to see that not one right or benefit is overlooked.

Please help elect me and my team.  I would appreciate your vote.

                                                                                        Wheeler T Marsee